Sunday, December 21, 2014

3 Remedies To Combat Vaginal Dryness

During menopause, one discomfort commonly experienced by most women is vaginal dryness. This may come with itching or pain during urination or sexual intercourse.  In reality, dryness doesn't just occur within your intimate regions but, also along the face, arms, legs, as well as the torso.

For fear that damage may arise in the sensitive part, many women opt for drug free menopause treatments to alleviate such a distressing symptom.

Additionally, there are also prescription drugs available, so you actually have a lot to choose from.

How To Combat Vaginal Dryness

1.    Massage therapy and aromatherapy - These natural therapies are best if stress is the cause of vaginal dryness.

Immediate emotional and physical relaxation is possible, since stress can be greatly reduced with a good massage. If you're very relaxed, other symptoms will naturally vanish, too.

Moreover, the oils used in aromatherapy relax your body when you add it to your bath water. These aromatic oils, when used in massage, stimulate specific regions of the brain that influence the endocrine system.

The endocrine system, along with the immune and nervous systems, secretes hormones into your bloodstream and surrounding tissues. As a result, your body relaxes, and you're kept stress-free.

2.    Over-the-counter (OTC) external lubricants – Ask your friendly salesperson about water-based lubes and creams since these are hypo-allergenic. There are also internal moisturizers and jelly, known to have a long-lasting effect.

Such products can certainly reduce the severity of your symptoms. Just to be sure, though, do your due diligence. If you think a certain product suits you, then go for it. Remember that what may be applicable to others may not be to you.

3.    Hormone therapy – Vaginal dryness is more often than not caused by the reduction in estrogen levels in your body. If your doctor says hormone therapy is okay, then a prescription of vaginal estrogen creams could be for you.

Apart from that, there are also suppositories that release estrogen little by little into your vagina over a span of 3 months. There are vaginal rings that do the same.

Your physician should be able to recommend estrogen-based products that are absolutely safe, if you have a concern about the risk of cancer.

The bottom line is, always check with your medical practitioner whether it's the natural remedy for menopause symptoms you ought to use or not.

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