Monday, September 15, 2014

7 Effective Yoga Poses For Menopause Relief

Yoga seems to be the best way to deal with any physical concerns you may have. For people who want to lose weight and get toned, yoga speeds up metabolism and shapes muscles. For people under stress, yoga positions are known to reduce levels of the body's natural stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. They also stimulate the production of endorphins, a chemical in the brain that acts as the body's natural painkillers.

For women looking for drug free menopause treatments, yoga positions are excellent and safe ways to relieve muscle pain. They can also make you feel calmer and more centered.

natural remedies for menopause symptoms
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1. Lotus Pose
Sanskrit Name: Padmasana
Benefits: This beginning pose helps center the self. It also promotes proper breathing while maintaining good posture. It's a good body and soul cleanser at the end of a challenging day.

2. Bridge Pose
Sanskrit Name: Setu Bandha Sarvangasana
Benefits: This pose elongates the spine, relieves stress, reduces fatigue, and eases anxiety.

3. Standing Forward Bend
Sanskrit Name: Uttanasana
Benefits: Uttanasana can relieve lower back pain brought about by menopause and osteoporosis. This pose also gently but effectively stretches the hips and hamstrings.

4. Downward-Facing Dog
Sanskrit Name: Adho Mukha Svanasana
Benefits: This is one of the most fundamental yoga positions. It induces relaxation while stretching the upper back and legs. Assuming this position also reduces menstrual pain and prevents osteoporosis.

5. Plow Pose
Sanskrit Name: Halasana
Benefits: This legs-over-the-head pose is known to relieve fatigue and insomnia. It's also an excellent way to soothe backache and combat restless emotions like anxiety and irritability.

6. Upward-Facing Dog
Sanskrit Name: Urdhva Mukha Svansana
Benefits: While the Downward-Facing Dog strengthens the upper back and legs, Upward-Facing Dog strengthens the spine, arms, and wrist. It also relieves tension in tight muscles, stretches the belly, and combats feelings of restlessness.

7. Seated Forward Bend
Sanskrit Name: Paschimottanasana
Benefits: This pose alleviates mild depression. It's a simple and gentle stretch that can counteract fatigue brought about by menstrual pain.

These seven poses have all been proven themselves to be a natural remedy for menopause symptoms, such as fatigue, muscle pain, and irritability. Most people recommend trying them three times a week for maximum effectiveness. Namaste!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Being Healthy and Fit: 5 Supplements for a Healthier You

It may be a cliché to many people when informed that regular exercise and a well-balanced diet are required to be healthy. But aside from these two, there are also nutritional supplements that you might want to look into. These are important if you're at a childbearing age, going through menopause or just not having a well-rounded diet. Moreover, these will help support your skeletal, immune and nervous system. If you're wondering which ones are best to take, here is a list you need to look at.

Natural Treatment For Menopause Symptoms

1. Vitamin D

As women reach the menopausal stage, it's recommended to take vitamin D. This is because calcium is drained from the bones which will lead to osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. Since vitamin D helps in absorbing calcium, it's important to take a supplement with at least 400 IU. This natural treatment for menopause symptoms is also linked to prevent colon cancer and depression.

2. A Food-Based Multi

You can visit any drug store to pick up a multivitamin. However, opt for one that's not made from synthetic materials. Instead, choose food-based multivitamins for healthier and more successful results.

3. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is usually taken when you're starting to sniffle, but it would best if you take it all year round. This supplement will help your immune system combat all those diseases and infections. Moreover, this can help relieve inflammation from your post-exercise and decrease overall stress.

4. Magnesium

Magnesium is now considered as a wonder nutrient and there's a perfect reason for this. This vitamin can help you in so many ways, like boosting your mood, sleep improvement, restores nervous system functions and strengthens the bones. In fact, if you're suffering from general anxiety, magnesium is a supplement to help you relax.

5. Omega 3S

Just like Vitamin D, Omega 3 can also protect you from osteoporosis. Aside from being a natural remedy for menopause symptoms, Omega 3s can help reduce the risk of heart diseases, prevent inflammation and support hormone function. If possible, opt for plant-based sources like walnuts, flax, hemp and chia.

Without any doubt, these supplements will give you a remarkable foundation. As a result, you'll feel your best self at all times. Just remember that to achieve a healthier lifestyle, your diet must only include the right kind of foods and partner it with a good supplement – and oh! Don't forget to exercise!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

3 Easy Steps For A Positive Life During Menopause

Let's face it – no woman can avoid menopause. Once you feel the symptoms, you're in and there's no getting away from it. What you can do is to, at least, find a way to alleviate the discomforts and then- - enjoy life.

Luckily, menopausal women today are faced with a wide range of remedies that they actually have the option to decide on which one is the most suitable. There's the hormone replacement therapy (HRT), the natural remedies, lifestyle modification, diet and exercise, and so on. But, most women prefer the drug free menopause treatments. This is, after learning of the dangers that women were exposed to in their use of the HRT.

Experts say there are a lot of natural techniques which when practiced consistently will make life more enjoyable. You wouldn't even have to spend a single cent just to do them. For the best part? No synthetic hormones or pharmaceutical drugs are involved to ward off the disturbing symptoms. Here are just a few:

1. Take time to laugh. Yes, it is said that 'laughter is the best medicine'. People will love to be with you if you have a positive mindset and a pleasant character. Laughing is thought to stimulate your immune system, enhance learning and memory.  Since menopause mostly stresses women, it's good to laugh once in a while to banish the stress away.

2. Pamper yourself. Do everything to maintain your well-being no matter what. Be careful with what you eat and drink, and stay fit through regular exercise. Indulge yourself in a relaxing spa. Learn some relaxation techniques and incorporate them in your daily exercise routine. When your body is relaxed,  you're at peace — mind, body and spirit. When in such state, concentration, creativity and learning are increased, at the same time, positive emotions promoted. Small wonder that highly relaxed women overcome their hot flashes, PMS, insomnia, and pain. In addition, you can even pursue old habits that you take pleasure in, like music and arts.

3. Elicit support. You don't have to be alone and agonize in silence. It's important to go out there and have social support. Keep in touch with family and well-meaning friends. Join clubs where like minded individuals are the members.

There are still lots more natural remedies for menopause symptoms. Learn them and see which ones don't involve drugs but, could still make your life positive.